Tangled and the search for the perfect movie

Tangled, oreos, and existential crises


Which movie- of all the movies you’ve ever seen- is without flaw? Can you think of one? It’s really, really, really hard to make a movie. Much less a perfect one. Think about it. Is there a single movie you’ve seen where you’ve enjoyed every single moment, every last frame, from the opening to the time the credits roll? Is there a movie you can’t poke holes in, be it the logic of the plot or the motivations of the characters? What movie makes you not just laugh or cry but both? One that doesn’t lose its edge no matter how often you’ve seen it?

To me, that movie is Tangled.

Tangled is a double-stuffed oreo.

There is not a single second in Tangled I don’t like. Not one scene. Every scene has its own purpose and charm. No character is wasted, no joke misses, no emotional beat lost. The animation is gorgeous, the story is concise yet fully fleshed out, it’s just… perfect.

Or is it?

Being a movie fan, someone who hawks the local theatre, scrounges redbox and netflix for movies that slipped through the cracks, and spends hours watching Jeremy Jahns and Chris Stuckmann videos looking for their next watch, means being on a constant search for that one perfect movie. It’s a search that’s endless. Perfection is like infinity. You can’t– in my opinion– reach it. And no matter how close you get, you can always go one step further. That’s why movie fans don’t stop watching movies after discovering their favorite. Hell, when I was nine the perfect movie was The Spongebob Movie. Twelve years later, my perfect movie is, well, still a family animated movie. But you get the point. (And don’t get me wrong, I love a good R-rated movie too. District 9 is probably my third favorite movie.)

Cinema is an eternal, unending search for a perfection which does not, can not, exist in reality. You can approach it, but never quite reach it.

Well, now I have an existential crisis. Time to watch Tangled and eat some cookies.


Author: Jaden C. Kilmer

Writer, aspirator, daydreamer, word makerupper.

5 thoughts on “Tangled and the search for the perfect movie”

  1. I agree – Tangled is my favorite movie because I can’t find a single second that I don’t like. While I’m not a huge fan of oreos – it’s a long story – I agree with your rating! I can’t wait to see what other movies you review!

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